[EF#9] : Who Want To Meet Me Up?

Who Want To Meet Me Up?

IMG_1153I’m a newbie in a blogging world. Rarely writing , rarely blog walking, so I don’t know many bloggers and vise versa, of course many blogger don’t know me, too. Such a quiet busy one, right? Hahahaha….

I know, to evolve in such a intimacy, u have to intensively keep in touch each other right? Means u have to read “someone’s” journal (and put some comments) and “someone” also willingly read your journal. Meet up in Social Media make you feel close to each other and eager to know what the real life they have would be, so it will continue into Real Meat Up or “Kopdar”. But in my condition, right now, I don’t involve in any intimacy with anyone and of course my journal is not really “good” to read (most of my journals are junk stories). Nowadays my works and my son need full attention, so I rarely can grab actively in social media. When I need ‘me time” or something to redeem my stress, I do Blog walking or writing. This blog’s supposed to express my emotions, my story, my thought. Yeah…so far that’s the function of my blog. So…how could someone want to meet me?

Actually I Love Blog Walking, Many bloggers really inspire me : give me joyful, recharge my energy, provide me important information and tips. Wisdom says that you don’t have to be failed to learn something, u can learn from others’ failure. Nope, not only failure actually, even more, inspiring blogger really push me to live happier, more thankful (actually I’m less thankful, regret everything I got and I did), learn more and more, to do in better way, respect everyone’s thought and so on.

So….I’m biggest fan of you all fellas….

Let me thanks to all of you for the great stories you’ve shared…. really….

I Hope I can Meet You Someday

You, yes you….


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