[#EF8] : Dear Younger Me

Too late, but there’s still a hope to write.


10400531_16363984762_9184_nDear Me (For A 18th of age teenager. a freshman in a collage, a girl  with thousands hope and dreams)

I want to gratitude for all over you will do for next ten years had shaped me to be a better woman

You’ ll do so many mistakes, meanwhile you’ll learn much from all around matter : sorrow and rejoice

Sometimes you’ll hesitate doing any matter, I beg you please….this attitude will bring a big disaster for you

Please setting your own goal, capture your own self-defined-potrait, never imitate or follow the others’ path. It’s yours…your victory (although sometimes you’ll define it as a lost, but trust me it’s a victory, cause everything that had happened yesterday or today will conspire to make a better tomorrow, as long as you take every lessons and benevolence accompanied along your journey)

never ever palaver with your conscience, just follow it, it’s your Fitrah

Sometimes, the problems will scrape your confidence, don’t be such a coward or being despondent. Just face it, even you’ll pass it badly. I’ll always proud of you….

Thanks God for all the bounties

There will be looming over the brighter future, trust me….


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