EF #3 How Gadget Affects Your Life?

okay, this is my first journal in English… Sooo….long time not writing or speaking English, I know this maybe the worst English journal u’ve ever read *ohh….I really really need dictionary to write it, need pensieve to recall any vocabs, but….this time I just want try to write it without helping of any tools. I Know this journal maybe quite a mess, but at least I try right? Practice makes perfect (that’s the tagline of my brown book cover). Thanks for Dani and friends, creating English Club Blog. Writing in English is one of my 2015 resolution (always said wanna go abroad for study, but never improve my English *dong dorong dong).


How Gadget effects my Life???

Sometimes I miss the time when correspondency is the heart of communication, although it need very long time to communicate, but there are always full-hearted activities followed in every step : from choosing the special paper (the color and the smell), special font of hand writing (sometimes  have to write it more than 2 times to make sure ur writing is beautiful or good enough to be read by the reader), special emotion in every writing detail, and it really need creativity to write down ur idea to make sure ur story run smoothly (there must be an opening, main story and ending).

“Assalammualaikum, wr, wb”

Apa kabar ayah? Kabar kami sekeluarga Alhamdulillah sehat walafiat, kami berharap begitu juga kabar Ayahanda disana?”

Seems like standard opening, but it’s romantic right?

More romantic when u were crazy of waiting replies. Counting day by day waiting for the orange shirt postman that will shout in front of ur house and calling ur name, dag-dig-dug waiting what the replies could be.

And…when the replies come, u can read the letter 100  times and put it under the pillow and smile or cry all time when u read it.

sometimes u post to ur idol and u got a photograph or standard letter as a replies, u feel proud of that.

Hmm…I really miss that moment……

Sometimes I miss the moment when Rp. 100 coin is so special for me, that i had to stand in hunger coz my pocket money was saved to call my fren using public phone. I still can feel the unspoken sensation, dag dig dug waiting for my fren hang out the phone, only told the text i had prepared before and went crazy when three times beep sound burst out come that indicate the phone will be over.

I also miss the moment when I only can call my families and fren after 10 p.m or in the morning before 7 a.m using my home phone, coz from 7 – 10 was busy time, the pulse went really expensive.

I still remember the first handphone I had, Siemens (forget the series) when the price of the pulse was so expensive. The handphone was so heavy and big. And then I got Nokia 3310 (u must be ever had it to right? hahaha…hape sejuta umat)

Still remember when “wartel” spread so fast, like mushrooms in the rainy day.

ever felt very happy coz Esia provided 1000 bonus sms a day, my thumb jogging all day long on the keypad (fufufu…i even can write the text without seeing the keypad and still keep focused in speaking with friend while my fingers dancing on he keypad)

Like to communicate in the middle of the night coz my card provider provide free call after 00.00. hehehe….


How gadget life life nowadays?

Gadget ever affected me so bad…..

When I wake up, I forgot to pray, the first thing I really wanna see is my gadget…

I rarely read a book and even my Qu’ran, because of gadget

I was getting crazy on gossip

I’m getting narcists

Sometimes I didn’t notice what people say coz I was deeply focused on my gadget

One day, when my gadget lost….I realized that I had miss-used my gadget. The gadget it self could not be blamed, the users have to be wise in using gadget.

Nowadays, the meaning of gadget for me are :

– Yes, of course to call someone.

– Keep in touch with my families and friends

– Taking a picture or video

– Install some applications that can help me to make my life easier like looking for airplane ticket, cinema ticket, public facilities nearby, the recent price of the groceries or any goodies, and application related to enhance my intimacy to God

– To kill my boring while in the waiting situation or getting bored in the meeting (hihihi)

– Looking for information that I need

– To indicate that I’m busy enough or not in good mood situation

The rules in while keep in touch in gadget :

– Not install any game

– No gadget at all while having quality time with my family and friends

– No gadget for my son

– Not really keep in touch with sosmed


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